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SELEKSI ANGSANA SDN. BHD. is a 100% bumiputra company which has been specifically created for the development and operation of the proposed Mosque Portal Mosques.com.my.

The Mosque Portal is a website on the Internet which holds a large database with various information about mosques including photographs, location maps and information about services offerings and available facilities.

The Mosque Portal is aimed to become a destination site for any mosques or Islam-related topics on the Internet. Travelers, residents, Imams and Non-Muslims can use the Portal to research, locate or find information to active mosques, cultural mosque histories and mosque activities.

As seen earlier, a mosque is a place where Muslims come together to pray and listen to khutbahs, lectures and hold important meetings i.e. where knowledge, ideas, strategies, are introduced and shared. Geographically, the Mosque Portal will start with adding all Malaysian mosques (more than 5,000) from all States to the database. Subsequently and step-by-step, the Portal will add other countries. The ultimate aim is to establish a network of partnering country agents around the world which are all contributing mosque information from their respective countries in order to achieve one worldwide central Mosque Information Center.

In addition, the Mosque Portal will showcase the beauty of Malaysian mosques and thus promote religion-inspired tourism. Apart from displaying the beauty of these mosques, the website will also be a platform to Islamic knowledge for Muslims and non-Muslims alike e.g. khutbahs will be digitalized with the use of proper keywords for reference from any part of the world; relevant articles may be posted up for review or general consumption; and guides to carrying out basic Islamic acts such as solat and zikir will be published. Once the Portal has been established and receives thousands of regular website visitors per day, the Portal will become an excellent communication platform with the ability to connect communities worldwide for good intentions.

Our Objectives

  • Offer valuable, interesting and up-to-date information about mosques and their activities to the public
  • Show locations of mosques in a specific country, state, district, or city/town
  • Improve communication between mosques, the public, the local community and government bodies
  • Connect mosque communities together across long or short distances
  • Explain, educate and promote Islam

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